In the early hours

after a night awake

I get into bed

hopeful of some rest


But as my eyelids close

and I pass into another world

of make believe

A suffocating series of events

traumatises me

such that half of it

my head erases from my memory

before I can even wake up


I don’t know what to make of it

Still sitting in shock

My heart beating wildly

and the goosebumps, troubled breathing,

sweating won’t stop


The stranger comes again

with the same purple coffee in his hands

and as I stand to run away

he grabs and pulls my hair

laughing at me

as he throws it at me

again I run

and see him catching up


I land up in a shop by the corner

I buy some candy and some soup

but she asks for an umbrella instead of money

but all I have three pieces of fruit

as I give them to her

she gives me the green candy that

she cut with a butcher’s knife

and looks up suddenly

and gives that smile again

a smile pure evil


I don’t understand?

No, don’t touch those sweets

No, no!


As they start to melt

and flow out of hand

And she comes walking behind

as the room starts expanding

I jump out of the window


I run to the platform

but reach a bus station

and see the bus with no doors

The driver asks me

if I want to get on

but with no entry

he starts to drive on


I cry and beg helplessly

on this deserted street

Until a phonecall comes in


from someone who cares

He asks me if I’m ok

If I am at the party


But as I tell I’m lost in the streets

and night follows straight from the afternoon

my phone disappears and there’s someone

down the corner

who throws the net to grab hold of me

my hair still all over it

I begin to run

I beg for mercy

where is this place?


No people, no homes

Why won’t someone come to just

hold me and take me away

before I’m ripped apart

and crushed

I see the bus running away

and I scream but lose track


The stranger is closing in

with the candy

and laughs at me

He’s got me

Have I reached my end?

Is this the end?


At times I remember

existing on two planes

I feel the horror

as I close my eyes

and as I open my eyes even

but when as I try to think back

of what happened in the end

my brain has blocked a memory

which I know will return to haunt me again