The 1st hour,
To kiss you best of luck,
The 2nd hour,
To rush north-east across town,
The 3rd hour,
To try and eat despite
the knots in my stomach,
The 4th hour,
To wander and walk around,
The 5th hour,
To think about this countdown,
The 6th hour,
To somehow land up back home,
The 7th hour,
To wait for your call two hours down,
The 8th hour,
To find a way to sleep,
The 9th hour,
To finally fall asleep,
The 10th hour,
To dream of your arrival
back in safe territory,
The 11th hour,
To wake up and deal with uncertainty,
The 12th hour,
To say a little prayer to the lords that be,
And the 13th hour,
On the 13th,
To find out
that all went alright,
and to count the 168 hours
to the Wednesday next in line